The new world of calculators at Calc Monster

The first major calculator developed by Calc Monster is the Square Footage Calculator. It is very useful for those who want to figure out surfaces from their home.

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Also, it can be used for a countless of other surfaces that are measured in square feet or square inches. If you are using a different measuring unit (like meters) be sure to use our converter here.

The importance of using a square footage calculator

Knowing the square footage of an area is a very important aspect of nearly any building project. However, because know the square footage of an area is critical it is important to make sure that your calculations are correct.

Having the exact square feet of an area allows a person to know how much paint, carpet, and wall paper they need in order to finish a room. Also, it’s useful when trying to figure out the potential heating and cooling bill will be for their future home, and allows them to make intelligent decisions when picking out air conditioning units and furnaces. This information can save a homeowner thousands of dollars.

Luckily for you, Calc Monster comes to the rescue with the latest, top of the line, square feet calc.

There are a lot more calculators we are working on right now. If you like our website, be sure to come back because there will be have a lot more apps waiting for you on!